Mission 21: Yard

For this week’s mission, we are heading outdoors to spruce up our yards! Let’s tackle this project while the weather is good, too! Let’s get rid of the weeds, trim back the bushes, and re-mulch the flowerbeds if needed. First impressions are so important, and we certainly cannot forget the part of the house that everyone else sees.

How does your mailbox look? Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Do you need to refresh the numbers? Do you have a fence? How is it looking? Do you need to replace any boards? Could it use some pressure washing or even some paint or stain?

While we are outside, how does the wood look on your house? Do any boards needs replacing? Is it time to repaint? This is a good time to really spend some time making the exterior of your home look great!

The best thing you can do now is develop a maintenance plan so you never have to spend this much time on the yard again.  What will your plan be? I suggest taking a weekly walk around your property.  It’s much easier to pull up a few weeds than it is to spend a whole day or more to get the job done!

Enjoy your outdoor week! Keep in mind if it is raining where you live, go back and catch up on any weeks you missed or find a spot in your home to work ahead. Whatever you do, don’t waste a week.

Until next week…