Mission 23: Cleaning Supplies

It’s time to assess our cleaning supplies! At my house we have a closet dedicated to all things cleaning such as the cleaning supplies, broom, and vacuum cleaner. You may simply have an area under your kitchen sink for your supplies. It doesn’t matter where your supplies are located. Let’s take this week to really assess what we need to keep versus what is simply more clutter.

If you have several bottles of glass cleaner, you can keep all of them as long as you will use them. One thing I like to do is keep a bottle of toilet cleaner in each bathroom. You can do the same thing with glass cleaner. Most people are more likely to wipe a splatter off a mirror if their supplies are at their fingertips.

Make a list of any items you need to purchase that will make cleaning easier and more appealing. You may want one item of each type in a caddy that you carry around the house or you may want to splurge on an extra set of cleaning supplies for each bathroom.  The choice is yours!

Spend this week assessing your needs and likes, and begin to put cleaning your home on autopilot! Make cleaning a breeze!

Until next week…