Mission 19: Attic

I decided to go ahead and send us to our dreaded attic spaces this week while hopefully the temperatures are not too hot or cold. I don’t want you to be able to use the excuse it’s too hot or cold for that space.

This space will be a little bit hard to generalize much like the home office area. Some people have tiny attics.  Some people have huge attics.  Some people store just their family items and some people let other people share the space.

I think the best way to generalize this space is to have you divide your space into zones. Tackle one area each day. For our general purposes, I’ve decided to divide the space into holiday storage, old items to keep, undecided items, and overflow. Our main goals are to know and label what we have, group like items together, and clear out anything we no longer want to use. A clear walkway is a good goal so you can find your items easily.  Spending time in the attic is more for yourself than anyone, but should you decide to sell your home, potential buyers will need a walkway. They will want to know they have enough space for their stuff as well.

Holiday storage:

  • Most people have Christmas trees and ornaments they need to store. We covered this area as a pre-mission so be sure and check into that post. Try to stack it neatly if you haven’t done this already. Get rid of anything you know you will never use.
  • Some people have other holiday decor as well such as Easter or Fall decor. Be sure and stack it neatly. Plastic bins work great for this!

Old Items to Keep:

  • This is where those old baby clothes and toys will live. You know all the stuff you just can’t seem to let go. Take some time to sort this area by item and maybe you can now get rid of some things you weren’t ready to let go of in the past.
  • Are you saving some items for the next child? Be sure you have things labeled well so you never have to dig for items later.
  • Are you keeping old stuff from your younger days? That’s ok too. Spend some time making sure it’s neat and you have a walkway.

Undecided Items:

  • I think everyone should have an area in their attic for items they aren’t sure if they should let go. Do you have old outfits you aren’t sure you need? Store them here for a season. If you never come back for it, let it go! Do you have old decor you aren’t sure you will want later? Store it here. What about furniture you don’t think you will need but you aren’t sure if you should let go? Store it here.


  • Attics are great places to store old files you might need, old books you might need, manuals, and storage bins you aren’s currently using, etc. Maybe you have 8 dining room chairs but your room looks better with 6 chairs.  You can store the other 2 here for extra seating once or twice per year when you need it!

I hope this will guide you into ways to deal with the attic clutter! Adapt it to fit your needs.


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