Mission 17: Play Space

Hopefully, you are all finished with your kids’ bedrooms and closets.  Now we are ready to tackle any extra play spaces you may have.  Whether you call it a Game Room or a Playroom, it’s all the same.

Go through each area and decide if it’s working for your family. Make the best use of your space. As you’ve probably already discovered, I love using storage bins for everything. This room is no exception.  Whether they are used to store small toys, games, or Legos, bins are my go-to method for organization.

Decide how you can make the best use of your space. Maybe it’s closet shelves. Maybe it’s bookcase shelving. Maybe it’s a few storage bins.  Whatever you decide, teach your kids your new methods of organization.

Last but not least, spend a little time at the end of every play session and return the room to order! You’ll be so thankful you did.


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