Missions 15-16: Kids’ Bedrooms

Since I don’t know how many kids’ rooms you have, I decided to allow 2 weeks for this mission.  You can do them all in one week and take a break or spread them out over the two weeks.

You are looking to declutter the overall room and closet. Make sure the clothes are hung neatly. This is a great opportunity to give away all the clothes that no longer fit.  It’s also a great time to go through the toys and see if there is anything the child is ready to give away.  We will have a toy week later this year so if you don’t quite have enough time to do this right, you can save the toys for later.  The main goal is to stack them neatly and make the room and closet look as clean, neat, and big as possible.

Too many trophies? Keep the ones that mean the most.

Too many stuffed animals? Give away to someone in need.

Find a home for everything.  If you have younger children, large bins are a great way to help children with daily pick up tasks. You can even print photos of the insides of the bins so the children can play a matching game with their daily pick-up time. Remember, it’s always faster to do a daily pick-up vs waiting until the weekend to return the room to order.  Children will sleep better in a decluttered space as well.

Have fun with these missions.  You may choose to do it alone or you may choose to have your children help.  Anticipate that it will take longer if you let your children help. Of course, letting them help you just might make them realize keeping it picked up is much easier than spending a whole week cleaning later!

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