Week 13: Master Bath

You’ve made it through the first 3 months of our missions!  So happy for you!

Today we tackle another bathroom in our homes.  Usually, this is the largest bathroom in the home.  Some people have a separate bathtub and shower while others have a bathtub/shower combination. Either way, it’s time to go through your hair products and shave gels in your shower and narrow it down to only the ones you actually use!  Give that area a really good scrubbing, too.  Rust on your shower head?  Time to clean it up and make it shine.

Next, move on to the cabinet drawers and under the sink areas.  We will tackle the cosmetics and medications later in separate missions.  For now, do a general straightening session here.  You may need to purchase some bins to corral everything.  I assure you being able to find what you need when you are in a rush will make all the difference in the world!  Put cosmetics together.  Put medications together.  Put hair products and supplies together.  And by all means get rid of ANYTHING that has expired or is a little crusty!

Take some time to polish up the cabinet fronts and clean the baseboards.  I’m sure you already clean your toilet weekly but now is a good time to be sure you clean behind the toilet.  Give the trash can a good wiping as well.

Here are a few quick-cleaning tips while we are here.  Keep a toilet brush in the bathroom.  You can even get one to coordinate with your decor.  Swiping it often will prevent a nasty ring.  Keep wipes under the sink for a daily counter clean (or every few days at least). Lastly, consider keeping a box of tissues under the sink as well. This will work great for any stray toothpaste that lands somewhere you wish it hadn’t landed.

You get the whole week for this bathroom.  Make it sparkle and shine!  It will make getting ready for each day a breeze!

Until next week..

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