Mission 11: Master Bedroom


We will now transition from the main areas of the house to the more private areas. Most people tend to not be as picky about their bedrooms as they are the more public spaces. I challenge you to make those private areas just as important as the rest of the house. You spend as much time there as you do anywhere. You will sleep so much better in an uncluttered space.

The #1 thing to do every single day to make your bedroom look tidy is make your bed. Now we can argue that you will just mess it up again at night, but typically 80% of a bedroom’s peacefulness is gained simply from keeping the bed made.

The next thing to do is look at the tops of the dresser and nightstands. Clean off the tops and keep them that way. Find “homes” for every item whether it’s clothes or mail or anything else you may have there.

Do you have a chair, bench, or piece of sports equipment? Do you use those items as intended or have they become a dumping ground?  If they are not being used as intended, consider letting them go. If you aren’t ready to let them go, at least find “homes” for the things that have been dumped there.

What about under the bed?  Now I know sometimes it’s the only place in the house to store a leaf for a table. However, if you are constantly stuffing things there so you don’t have to deal with them, now is the time to clean that space out. Even if you can’t see the clutter, you’ll sleep better knowing it isn’t there.

Don’t forget the insides of the drawers and nightstands. Match up your socks. Stack everything neatly. Get rid of anything with holes. Not only will getting ready in the morning be easier, but knowing that those drawers are neat will give you peace of mind each day.

I hope this room won’t be too hard to get organized. If you end up needing extra time, do the best you can this week. Come back to it when you have an easier week.

Here’s to a peaceful night’s sleep!



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