Mission 9: Main Bathroom


Are you ready to tackle the main bathroom of your house?  We are doing this room next so that it will be ready for your family as well as for any company you may have.  This will be another space that may be different for you than for me.  Our main downstairs bathroom is also my daughter’s bathroom.  Not only will I need to declutter towels, but I will also have bath toys, bath bombs, and several kinds of hair accessories to declutter.  If this is mainly a guest bathroom for you, this room may not need much work.  Again, follow the plan the best way you can.  Adapt it to fit your home!

Begin by working through any clutter you may have on the bathroom sink/countertop area.  Then work your way to the inside of the cabinets.  Maybe you have a linen closet in this room.  Get rid of old soaps or shampoo bottles you may have. Do you store medicines here?  Check those expiration dates. What about first aid supplies?  You may store those here so go through them to see if anything is out of date or needs replacing.

Working slowly through your house is a great way to declutter without burning out. If you need a faster plan, you can always get in touch with me so I can help you!

Until next time…


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