Mission 8: Family Room

IMG_9391.JPGLast week we worked on our living rooms.  If you have a 2nd living space, this week is for you! If you don’t have a 2nd space, then relax and take this week off or go back to another area you didn’t quite finish.

Take a look around and see what needs decluttering.  You may have books, games, DVDs, craft supplies, toys, magazines, or maybe some other papers have migrated to this room. Take it one section at a time and declutter each area.  You can do a section each day of the week or just hit it hard one day.

As you are decluttering, you may find things that belong to another area of your home such as a kid space or office.  That’s ok.  For now, relocate it to the appropriate room.  You can return it to its actual spot now or you may decide to work it back in when we get to that space. The choice is yours.

Now is a great time to update any photos on the walls or tables.  Ask yourself how old the photographs are! If you don’t have new photos of your kids, set aside a time to get some made soon.

Try to look at this room with fresh eyes.  What do other people see?  This is the room that will most likely be so comfortable for you that you may not even notice the clutter anymore. Hopefully, this week will be easy and you’ll be ready for the Main Bathroom of the house next week.

Have a great week!


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