Mission 7: Living Room


Welcome back! We’ve tackled the eating areas of the home and the entryways.  Now let’s move on to the Living Room.  I know there are different things to call this room.  You may have a formal living room and a family room or you may only have one main living space.  This week we will tackle the living area that is closest to the front of the home.  If it’s your only main living space, then you can take care of that room this week and take off next week or spread out your decluttering over two weeks.  If you also have a family living space or a hearth room, then you can take care of that room next week.  Make this plan fit your space.

Take a look around and pick up any obvious clutter first.  Can you see the surface of the coffee table? Try to clear this off except for a centerpiece.  If you must leave other things on the table, stack them neatly.  What about your end tables?  Do they need some attention?  Do they have drawers?  Clean those out, too.

Do you have movies stacked here and there?  Too many books? Bookshelves that haven’t been decluttered in years?  Take some time and evaluate what should stay and what should go.  Are there kids’ toys everywhere?  What about pet toys?  Invest in a  pretty basket or two to help contain those toys.

What kind of first impression does this room make?  Hopefully, when you are finished decluttering this space, it will be a peaceful and welcoming space!

When you finish this space, move on to the family room next week.  If this is your only living space, then enjoy a week off!




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