Mission 6: Entryway and/or Mudroom



This week’s mission could be a short one or it may be long, depending on how many entry areas you have in your home.  I am trying to make these missions specific yet general enough to work with any home.  For some, the main entryway may be the foyer and for others it may an area by the back door.  Still, others may have a large foyer and a mudroom area with lockers and a bench.  Make this mission fit your home!

Do you have a foyer table that needs freshening up?  Do you keep your mail here?  We will tackle the actual mail later in our series, but if you have a mail pile here, go ahead and stack it as neatly as possible or put it in a nice basket for now.

For me personally, the front entry area easily stays decluttered.  But the back entry area is another story! I finally turned my back closet into a little drop zone with hooks low enough for the kids to reach.  I even put a basket in there for shoes!  This has really helped tame the daily clutter!

Enjoy this hopefully lighter week.  Next week we will tackle the main living areas of our home.  If this week is too easy for you, go ahead and begin to declutter those movies and books in your living room!

Until next week…


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