Mission 5: Dining Room/Breakfast Room




Now that our kitchens and pantries are in shape, let’s move forward to our dining rooms.  Some people have eat-in kitchens only and some people have both spaces.  Let’s continue our decluttering missions with our food areas since we spend so much time there.  Whether you only have one eating area or two, simply apply this mission to the space that you have.  Adapt it to your home.

Spend some time decluttering the tops of your table. Have you made this a homework zone?  A bill-paying area?  A craft space?  Spend some time finding the top of your table. If you use your dining room for your office, know that we will get to the home office space later in this series.  You may still use this time to clean off the top of your desk!

Polish your table and chairs and clean the floor thoroughly underneath them.  Do you need a fresh centerpiece or new placemats?  Now is the perfect time to get those items.  Having a pretty centerpiece will be a deterrent to piling your tabletop with clutter!

Also, if you have a side table or china hutch, this is a great week to eliminate things you no longer want to keep.  Dust your shelves and clean the glass.  If you use a cabinet for art supplies, spend some time getting rid of old paints and pens and anything you can no longer use.

Remember, you can do your mission all in one day, or use a small block of time each day of this week to declutter your eating areas!

Until next week….

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