Mission 4: Fridge and Freezer



Are you ready for Week 4 in our year of decluttering our whole house? This week we will focus on the fridge and freezer.  Let’s dive right in and throw away anything out of date or that has been in there longer than you can remember.

Take some time and wipe the shelves and bins.  You may have to take frequent breaks to let your hands warm up. It’s a great time to make sure you are storing like items together and making the best use of your storage. Ideally, you would want to do this mission once weekly or at a minimum of once per month. Since this mission is relatively short for me, I will take some time to clean my microwave and ovens, too!

Also do you have stainless steel appliances?  Spend a few minutes and polish those as well.  I personally clean mine every month so this doesn’t take much time for me.  I know there are a ton of ways to do this and everyone has their favorite way, but I like fast and easy.  I use the stainless steel cleaning wipes and wipe down every appliance and then go back and polish with a stainless steel cleaning cloth.  I love my results!





If you missed a week in January, feel free to take this easier week and do some catching up.  But don’t stop your missions just because you didn’t do them all.  Pick up where we are and keep going!

Until next week….


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