Declutter Mission #3: Pantry and Food Storage

IMG_8587.JPGWelcome to Week 3!  I hope you accomplished great things last week clearing your counters and cleaning your sink area.  This week we will focus on our pantries and food storage areas.  Don’t worry about the fridge and freezer just yet.  We will tackle those areas next week.

Whether you have a huge walk in pantry or a small cabinet, let’s dive in.  Check those expiration dates.  If it’s out of date, it’s a no-brainer.  Toss it.  Maybe you’ve changed your eating habits and don’t eat it anymore, so let it go.

Group like items together…canned items, prepackaged foods, baking supplies, school lunch supplies, etc.  Use shelf organizer or bins.  Spend a little time making things easy to find.  A little visual appeal doesn’t hurt either.  You can make your own labels for bins that conceal or find baskets or tools that allow you to see the contents themselves.  Don’t forget the snack drawer, basket, or shelf either.

This could be one of the easiest weeks yet.  Do quick resets monthly and you’ll never have to work hard on this chore again.

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