Declutter Mission #2: Kitchen Countertops and Sink



How did your first week go? Did you complete your mission? Did you get your kitchen cabinets and drawers decluttered last week?

If the answer is no, that’s ok. Pick right up today and start with mission #2. Any progress is better than no progress. Work hard and get it done. Then go back and spend some time on last week’s mission OR just wait and get it done next year. It’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up!

This week’s mission will be easier than last week hopefully. We are going to tackle the countertops. Be brutal. Do you use everything that sits out on your countertops at least once per week? If not, find it a home in a newly decluttered cabinet. Or store it somewhere else or give it away. 

Uncluttered countertops make it so easy to get in there and cook each day! They also make your kitchen feel bigger which is great for resale!

Find a home for your mail too. A file box. A pretty basket. Just get it cleaned up and contained. You’ll thank me later. We will deal with mail and paper another week. For now, just contain it!

I’ll pop back in later this week and give you some tips on cleaning and shining your stainless steel sink. It’s an easy fix and there are no harsh chemicals needed!

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