Declutter Mission #1: Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

It’s finally here! Our first decluttering mission of 2017! This week we are going to focus on the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Don’t worry we will get to the counters, pantry, fridge, and freezer in the weeks ahead.
This week open every cabinet and drawer and get rid of duplicates, broken items, and things you don’t use! Spend 15 minutes per day or do 2-3 cabinets per day. Don’t try to do the whole kitchen at once! You’ll burn out quickly. My cabinets are on 2 walls so I do the uppers on one wall one day, then the lowers the next. Then uppers on the other wall the 3rd day, then the lowers the next. Then I do the drawers on the 5th day. I do this every year so I can probably finish pretty quickly. It gets easier every year!
Don’t let this overwhelm you! Do what you can. Any progress is better than nothing! Your bonus job this week is to tackle the kitchen junk drawer!!!

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