Pre-Mission: Christmas Decor



I want to help you in 2017 by giving you ideas for getting your home in order. Whether it’s to prepare for a big move or simply to make your life better right where you are, this series is for you!

I will officially begin our missions next Monday, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek this week. This week many people will begin to take down their Christmas decorations and putting them away. Let’s build on that.

How would it feel to have your Christmas decorating time be minimized next year because everything was already organized in a way that makes most sense?

Spend some time this week deciding on what decorations you will keep for next year. Go through everything that didn’t get put out this year first. Ask yourself why it didn’t get displayed. Not enough time? We can probably fix that. But make sure you only keep the items you love and know you will use next year!

Spend a few minutes each day this week and choose a few missions from the following list:

• Christmas ornaments – only keep the ones you love! Trash anything that’s broken, and donate the ones you no longer use or want.
• Declutter Christmas lights – You know the ones. The ones that don’t work or they are tangled beyond recognition. Or maybe you just don’t want to use so many next year.
• Christmas wreaths and garland – you guessed it. If they are faded, missing bows, or completely weather damaged, let them go!
• Other outdoor decorations – anything you didn’t use this year, let it go!
• Other indoor decorations – anything you didn’t use this year, let it go!
• Wrapping paper and supplies – Make a note of anything you need for next year…tape, wrapping paper, etc. This is a great week to restock for next year because most of those items are on sale.

Now for the biggest tip of all. Store your items by room! I use red-topped storage bins and label them. You can purchase bins or you can simply store items stacked by room. Storing by rooms will simplify everything next year. Grab the living room totes and get it done all at once! You will find that you can decorate one room at a time much faster and with much less mess next year! Try it! You’ll thank me next year!



Stay tuned next week as we begin taking care of the heart of our homes…THE KITCHEN.

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